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28mm white metal figures

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What's New 

New page for the Northern raiders.

great for Manchu raiders   Mongols   Hun   etc 

 I know I can't paint..... but here they are




We've added the shopping page for the Korean Asian hordes.                                                                           

  28mm Korean Righteous Army has now go into production.

The figures are suitable for Righteous armies and Warrior monk armies as well as Regular formations.

Some of the figures are also suitable for Ming Chinese units of the same period 

See new Page [still a work in progress but working] 



Perrys Korean   -  Tigers Korean 





 Pete's Emporium of Victoriana

              also Check out our VSF Steam punk range.

[But don't forget our other ranges can fit into these as well, Deep sea divers, mounties, miners, Sand Pebbles].
                        Limber with Mules. EX14

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 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Pack mule sets out see equipment page...........................

 mule wagons .

Also Great for Pulp/VSF/ Steam punk Gaming

Sled     ICE 9 



Royal Canadian Mounties

Sand Pebbles and ICE STATION LIMA. 

Still going Strong are our Sand Pebbles   1920's US Navy boarding party dressed as in the 1966 film The Sand Pebbles' they are 28mm and Sculpted by Richard - who sculpted the Mounties and Winter War range.

SP 003 Shore Patrol

They are listed with the Winter War and HLBS figures.

The Allied Intervention in Russia 1918.


German Colonials

 Gunners in slouch hats, mounted German Troopers in Sun-helmets.. and Mounted Askaris on Mules, [ thanks to Dave for the picture]

..           .


German Colonial - Boxer or WWI East Africa .... The Choice is yours.... Pulp?

        BALKAN WARS 1908 - 1920's

  The Balkan wars give an excellent choice for gaming, it's ideal for skirmishing with loads of locals, irregulars and regulars with a scatter of exotics like the Greek Evzones and Turkish Bashi Bazok.

Balkan War Figures are now on 2 pages

Balkan Wars Part 1   Greeks - Bulgarians - Turks.

Balkan Wars Part 2  General Figures - Serbians - Montenegro


Greek Balkan War Figures :- These Nicely painted figures are from argsilverson's collection painted by George "Bellifortis" {war museum conributor} --thank you for allowing us to show them.



Compare size - Foundry - Tiger - Perry - Tiger.

 here is the comparison picture of our renaissance figures you asked for.

L to R     Artizan,   Assault Group,   Tiger,   Foundry,   Hinchliff. 

               Tiger          Old Glory        Tiger                      Old Glory       Tiger    Old Glory




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