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July 2022
Dragon and Peacock Wars.png

Interested in a new set of rules that makes large games, brutal, quick, fun and exciting? Download Tiger Miniatures' free Crouching Tiger rules. And don't forget our free elephant and 20D STL files.

Game the Dragon and Peacock Wars of the 1760s with Tiger Miniatures new Qing range, a Chinese dynasty that lasted to 1912, consisting of 20 new sets of figures. Range bow against firearms. Will the Chinese in their red Colley hats, load their firearms in time? How will the new heavy infantry fair in the tropics of Burma? Who wouldn't like a dragon on the muzzle of their heavy artillery? Or light Crouching cannons that figure in contemporary paintings?

Feast your eyes on The Burmese, particularly their beautiful elephants with light artillery on their backs, emerging from the jungle and engaging the Chinese. Will the Chinese horse bolt when they meet them? Can they pulverise the enemy's infantry?


CQ01: The fourth Emperor of Qing (1636 to 1912) of China, the Dragon, Qianlong (1711 to 1799), was a military fanatic earning himself the designation “The Old Man of Ten Great Victories”, though not all were that successful. His armies had great logistic trains that enabled them to go further than China’s armies in the past. They embraced technology, particularly artillery, even building them on the march. Though, woe betides an unsuccessful general on his return to his capital, Beijing.

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