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NWF Campaign Pack

NWF Campaign Pack

This North West Frontier Campaign Pack for 1890's to be played to Tiger Miniatures NWF Figures consists of
1. "Overall Large Map" of the campaign area.
2. "Map Collection" consisting of 35 maps for the "Overall Large Map" with supporting scenarios.
3. Tiger Miniatures Campaign Rules.
4. Tigier Miniatures Skirmish Rules.


The "Overall Large Map" is 34 cm x 27.9 cm.


The rules and the "Map Collection" (which consists of individual unbound pages) are 18 cm  x 12 cm.


Tiger Miniatures Campaign Rules aims to assist you run a campaign in the region called The North West Frontier of India (NWF), a place where the ‘Great Game’ is being played at the height of the British Empire, between the British and the Pathans. The British comprised of British, Indian, local troops called Militia and Nepalese troops. The Pathans is the collective name given to the tribes that inhabited this region. This is where intrigue involving many interested parties, such as the Russians and the Afghans, plots, and the ‘mad’ mullahs, the slang given to wandering preachers, meet with the flapper of flip-flop shod tribes’ man against the crunch of the English and Indian booted troops.


Tiger Miniatures Skirmish Rules are 'Gentleman’s' rules, tailored for thrilling 28 mm tabletop skirmishes, bring to life the volatile North West Frontier (NWF) of India. Here, the Pathans - fierce and indomitable warriors representing various tribes of the region - clash with the disciplined might of the British Empire, comprising of the British, Indian, and Nepalese soldiers. These rules can be used with the NWF Tiger Miniature Campaign Rules, setting the stage for explosive encounters whenever opposing forces collide on the battlefield. The MWF Tiger Miniature Maps add an extra layer of strategic depth, ensuring that each encounter is not only a test of brute force but also of cunning tactics and masterful strategy.


The 35 maps in the "Map Collection" are numbered to map up with the numbers on the "Overall Large Map" or they can be used separately as individual scenarios. If used as such the Pathan numbers are twice those of the British with the groups having a few or no firearms.


All these are delivered in a box. Once they come you will find inside the front and back pages that you can paste onto the box.

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