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Our Latest Tiger News October 2022
See us at Fiasco 2022 - Qing Recruitment Drive - German Colonials - Celebrate a new arrival - Coming soon
Recruitment Drive.jpg

See us at Fiasco 2022


Sunday 30 Oct at Leeds Armoury

Come and say hi if you can.

Those that can't, a digital 'wave' would be great!

'Qing Recruitment Drive


With the arrival of the new Qing range, the Tiger painters have been hard at work, recruiting more figures for their conquest. The first thunder run in 1765 got within 20 miles of the Burmese capital. This recruitment is to enact the second (or is it the third) drive to turn Burma into a Chinese province. Will it succeed?


The Tiger painters glue 8 figures that will be based together to a ruler or similar and paint away. It's surprising how many figures can be cleared by painting for half an hour a day. Remember the time spent is proportional to the quality so select your quality, be consistent, watch your favourite 'digital' shows and enjoy.

Whats on the front.jpg

The Chinese put writing on the front, and sometimes back of their troops so the commanders could keep an eye on those with not so good!

the Library.png

German Colonials


Its hot, very hot out there. The natives aren't doing as requested and to top it all, the British have taken to interfering! Could you do better?

Qing Tiger Men


Let's celebrate a new arrival with a splash of a discount!


Their shield displays were intended to frighten horses. Perhaps the horses were more afraid of these displays than we give credit!


These figures come open-handed (is that a giveaway to the next section) so those items in our weapons selection can be used.


Coming Soon


Operation Open this space.

 PS: Who said Kriss swords and rifles, lots of rifles!



Thanks for reading.
Good luck and may your dice forever roll in your favour,
well most of the time!!

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